“It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye” to the last class of the season

Wow, time sure flies when you are having fun. Not only was last evening the last class in the series of Building Your Blog Workshops held at DelTech Community College in Dover,  it is also the last few days before the Memorial Day weekend.

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If you have been following along these past several weeks then you know that I have been conducting a 6-week workshop on building your brand with a blog.  These workshops are three-hour sessions of classroom instruction on the basics of building a blog using the WordPress.com platform.

During weeks one and two we discuss the 3-P’s, 3-C’s and the ABCs of blogging.  We discuss various blog topics or niches; the naming of the blog as well as registering the domain name or url.

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I teach the attendees how to set up their new blog and create content for 3 pages. The first page is the About Me page; this page is first because as a new blogger you want  readers to “emeet” you and read about what they should expect on your blog.

The second page is the Contact page; this page is also important because it allows your readers to immediately contact with you if they have a question.  As a new blogger who is building a “tribe” it’s vital for the members to be able to contact each other via email.

Last but definitely not least is the Home page; this page is actually where the blog posts live.  This is also the hardest of the three because nine times out of ten, the first post that is written won’t be the masterpiece that the new blogger wants.  However, this first post gets the brain waves working and the fingers focused which can sometimes be fun or frustrating, depending on the individual.


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Choosing photos, creating banners and logos using Canva, Crello and GetStencil is also covered during weeks three and four because that is when I begin teaching  how to use social media to drive traffic to their blog.  Creating a Facebook page exclusively for the blog is also taught and scheduling the promotion of the posts via Buffer is also covered.

Weeks five and six are dedicated to understanding the various ways in which to monetize a blog.  This is not something that is covered in depth, however, I provide links, worksheets and workbooks for future reference.

I thoroughly enjoy teaching these workshops at DelTech both here at the Dover campus and also at the Stanton Campus, and am looking forward to doing the same at Delaware State University in the fall.

If you are interested in attending any of these workshops, please complete the attached contact form and I will send you the link when the new scheduled is published.

Until the next time…STAY CALM AND BLOG ON!





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